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Webcomics I frequently read:

Checkerboard Nightmare The most sophisticated and unpretentious humour on the World Wide Web.
Read Checkerboard Nightmare.


Sand and Stone Is the dreary life of ruling with an iron fist getting you down?
Is torturing hapless minions not giving you the satisfaction you need?
Basically, is hell giving you... hell?
Well demon, old boy! It's time you started livin' it up! Up-side that is!

The Jaded Your ticket to an action-packed world with danger around every corner.

PVP I'm not going to lie to you. I'm a PVP fan. There. I said it. Scott kurtz is cool. Leave me alone.

Keenspace comics I really like:

Cup Of Suffering Although this comic is DEAD, its archives will preserve its memory forever...

8:1 Even though itís the most undeniably morose comic Iíve ever readÖ itís disturbingly wonderful!

Chainroaker I have no idea how to describe this. It's just cool.

...Hey Suburbia! This lively little Sha Ding puts you in touch with a girl and the brazen world in which she lives, harbouring a subtle touch of cultural dementia that will rough you up and leave you wanting to go back and have some more.

The n00b Step aside RPG World! With such a spot-on sense of humour this charming new webcomic has the potential to be the definitive RPG-spoof comic available online!

Head Doctor Productions The infinitely strange and surrealistic world of the head doctor. Not for the faint of heart.

Cortland Although at its core (*snigger*) it's all about macs, Cortland can be forgiven as it's a really addictive strip that never fails to entertain!

Station V3 This gag-strip is simple humour at its best. And it's updated daily!

Legostar Galactica LEGO! IN SPACE! Oh man, I would have been happy enough with just the lego alone (not to mention actually HAVING the lego!), but the writing is build-blockingly hilarious!

Darken We're a band of heeroes! Out to save the world! Lala-lala-la!.. Hang on a minute! These guys aren't good.. they're bad! And they're not out to save the world.. they're taking it!!! GYAAAH

Reckless youth! I really like the way this comic is set up. It seems utterly random, and yet, at the opening of every chapter it seems to be following some sort of grand master plan. And of course because some of the imagery is just mad. More birdmonsters please!

The Charming Eclipse Community:

The sites and comics of the artists whom I share my forum with. Although it appears to be dead most of the time.

Story Sizes Comic Writer X

mcDuffies Feyenne

Alex And Ilia Purgatory

Rats! Digital War

Links to other useful things and stuff:

Blambot.com Great free fonts available from these guys. You can also get custom made ones if you like.

Scottmcloud.com Scott McCloud is a self imposed authority on comics. I've read his books and some of the things he says are really interesting. Anyway his site has lots of good stuff

OnlineComics.net - A Directory of Online Comics OnlineComics.net is one of the largest directories of online comics in existence. Maybe you can find something you like there.

Peter Choate likes little boys. Pete's (more familiar to you readers as Choata) really, really old, unupdated and probably forgotten site. Check out 'Pete's Internet Empire'. Heh. Some Empire.

THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL! Vlad's really, really old, unupdated and probably forgotten site.

Idle Decaf Activist Okay. Screw Vlad! here's Iris's blog! the only blog on the internet worth reading! Because nobody is as cool as her.Wil Wheaton seems to think so, and is Wil Wheaton ever wrong??


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