The Good...

The Away Team

Played by Pablo Bernal Escudero, Raul Pablos Montero, Ali Duzenli and Maaza Dikker Hupkes

Names: (Top)
"Fallible" Sith
"SpaceMan" Montero
(Bottom) "Mad Howler" Dulock
" M.A. Mazacus"
Alignment: Star Alliance Transgalactical Enterprises
Titles: The Away Team

In 190072, a mediocre commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they did commit. These men and woman promptly served their full sentences and then did a brief stint as PR consultants. Today, still wanted by the salvation army, they survive by doing the dirty work no one in their right mind would consider doing. If you have a problem, if you can’t afford anyone better to help and if you’re really, really, that desperate, maybe you can hire them as well. Star Alliance did.
When they lost contact with the Rent-A Prize and its crew, Star Alliance HQ took them for dead and did nothing until Counselor Retina contacted them, informing them that they were still very much alive. HQ confirmed this by noticing that all their individual trackers were still online - a thought that had never crossed their minds earlier.
So now, they’ve employed the services of these potential (and very cheap) heroes-for-hire to retrieve all the scattered crew members, one by one.

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