More to come as the story progresses!

The Main Characters

Boovock! Captain Marty! Retina! Natway! Princess Catia! Choata! Dwing in a Bin! Ham Luca! Pingoo! Paulie-Wan Mehearty! The I.P Squadron! Willder! The Away Team!

The Evil Emperor! Barf Siemens! Rigutkin! Toomash! Mysterious guy! Scurry! The Pond Puppies!

Other characters (for whom I was too lazy to create a profile)

In Order Of Appearance

Rebel Pilot Vlad Vergu
Rebel Squad leader
Mashi Mishu Mashal Masud
Booster Breakers Joost Rekers
Rent-A-Prize Stewardess
Mariska Bottema
Wicked Witch of the East
Zuzana Dvorakova
Disco Torturer
Robin Alkemade
Marky Moose
Mark Faber
Ben van der Leest
Eye-Mon -
Simon Fraser
Nicky Phutt Nick Sleijffers
Joey Phutt
Joana Sleeum Passos da Costa
The Fairy Godmother: Thandra The Phutt
Sandra Torie
Tessa Krijgsman

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