The Good...



Played by Bob Oosterwijk

Name: Boovock
Alignment: Employee of Star Alliance Transgalactical Enterprises; Resistance
Titles: Star Alliance Lt.Commander; Rebel Captain; "The Chosen One"
Race: Vokkel

The hero of our story, Boovock is a Vokkel lost in a strange galaxy inhabited by even stranger characters. Other than this, he is the story's main narration vessel. As a whole, not much is known about his background, except that under his employment by multigalactical exploration firm Star Alliance, he was Chief Analyst aboard Captain Marty Bucket’s starship, The Rent-A-Prize before it suddenly exploded under what has been officially reported as “mysterious circumstances”.

Right now, his main concern is finding the remmanents of his lost crew and reporting back to Star Alliance. However this task is a lot easier said than done, as there exist others who seem to have other plans in store for him...

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