The Good...

Captain Dwing/
That Dustbin-Droid thing

Played by Tabe Dwinger

Name: Tabs Dwing
Alignment: Resistance
Titles: Rebel Captain; Maintennance Droid
Race: Human (Presumed Droid)

Tabs Dwing grew up the son of his home planet’s ambassador. Within the influences of his upraising, he grew to be a self-aware and vigilant young man. As he traveled the galaxy, all the experiences presented to him fashioned his thoughts so that he eventually found it to be his personal mission to strive towards creating a fair and honest society wherever he met the chance.
So, it was no surprise that when the Evil Empire decreed the chocolate embargo towards his home planet, he gave up his ambition to be a diplomat and instead took up arms and grew to be a longtime supporter of the rebel cause, eventually achieving the status of an officer.

And so it came that one day, when in charge of giving Princess Catia an interstellar lift, his ship, The Secretary's Generals, was suddenly tracked down and attacked by Imperial forces… led by none other than Barf Siemens himself. Foreseeing her imminent capture, Catia wisely entrusted him with the all-important secret documents she was carrying, bidding him to escape while she distracted Siemens and his men.
As the people's last hope, his Quest to stealthily evade the Stomtoopers and single-handedly save the universe took an unexpected turn when he was forced to hide in a rubbish bin only five minutes after the said quest began...

He has been trapped inside ever since.

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