The Good...

The I.P. Squadron

Played by (Top Left to Right) Mauricio Oviedo, Peter Lemstra, (Bottom Left to Right) Hidde van der Straaten, Pavel Poskakukhin, Paul Njoroge and Bas Percival.

Names: (top row)
Cpt. M'Ora "Laughing Boy" Risco
Maj. Sir Pate "Hakuna Matata" Lemming

(bottom row)
Lt. Hickie "Greasepot" Streetwalker
Prvt. Pavski "Gonzo" Pushdacorkin
2nd Lt. Smaul "Smoothskin" Kidogosana
Cpt. Bassie "Flowerlover" MacLassie

Alignment: Resistance

Since its formation in the early days of dissent, when the tyranny of the Evil Empire first began to show itself, the armed rebellions joined forces and struck back with extreme force doing everything in their power to repel the chocolate stealing invading force. The backbone of these rebel operations consisted of the exploits of their Fighters - fast, extremely maneuverable, and exceptionally well armed deep-space combat vehicles flown by highly skilled individuals.
When the Rebel Air Force (RAF) was first set up, its founders lacked the funds or facilities to train its own breed of pilots. Thus, a call was sent out throughout the galaxy appealing to those who loved their freedom and had piloting experience of any nature to join up within the ranks. Thousands responded, and so it was that the rebels were enabled to amass such a fleet that it became a viable threat to the Evil Empire.

And hereís where these fellows step in...
More than just your ordinary bunch of funny looking oddballs, these characters are the I.P. Squadron! An elite force of pilots trained and fielded to meet whatever the Empire will throw at them! Under the command of Major (Now Colonel) Lemming these hardened veterans go back a long time, having served together in many a campaign through different circumstances both thick and thin, and until now have successfully survived the fate of many of their doomed comrades - remaining practically untouched and unchanged.

The squadron itself, however, has been subject to change. Pilots came and went as time progressed, and as the number of available Fighter pilots dwindled, fewer men replaced those who went down. As a matter of fact, the decline in manpower has been such that, as fate would have it, the I.P Squadron was all that was left of the grand fleet... and these 6 the only rebel fighter pilots still alive.
But despite the stacked odds, they remained unphased, their comradery and blind enthusiasm undiluted. Perhaps, simply because they just didnít have a clue.

But this, like all things, eventually came to an end. During the famous Battle of Interflatulence, they defeated the Evil Empire and turned the tide of the war when they succesfully managed to destroy the Flying Fortress, the Empire's premier outpost. However this victory came at a great price, as the entire squadron was practically decimated in the process. Major Lemming and Private Pushdacorkin emerging as the only survivors.

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