The Good...

Ham Luca

Played by Lucas Mathos

Name: Ham Luca
Whomever happens to be paying him the most
Titles: WANTED; Resistance Captain
Race: Rio Human

Although a merchant by trade, this renegade of sorts defies being contained to pre-determined limits. Having grown up in the rough streets of the cities of the planet Rio, Ham Luca is a tough audacious character, ready to help any person, tackle any adventure or take any voyage with his ship the ancient Millennium Bug, that may present itself to him - just as long as there’s something in it for himself. 
Like any man, he is imperfect. Ham Luca suffers from three major weaknesses:
First of all, Money. There is not a single soul on his home planet Rio whom this avid gambler does not owe money too - hence him living in exile. He most recently set-up base on Tatooishi. And yet there too his reputation is stained. To the extent that the resident local mob, The Phutts, are screaming for his genitals on a silver plate. 
Secondly, women. Luca lives under the powerful misconception that the fairer sex cannot resist his sexy prescience. Unfortunately for them, he regards himself as somewhat of a ladies’ man, and whatever they may do to try dispel this silly notion, his opinion remains rock solid - thus his priorities being forever a menace to his companions. 
And last but not at all least is illustrated by Luca’s appearance as laid-back guy with a lethargic attitude. His perpetual relaxation is due to his addiction to certain mental stimulants. In a word, he is a chronic stoner - no stranger to freakish hallucinations and sheer absurdness. However despite all these factors he really is an amiable character.
Even though he always seems to be running away from someone ...or something.

He is now currently employed by Boovock. Though hired for the simple purpose of transportation, one thing led to another and now Luca has found himself, once again, up to his neck in something he hasn't a hope of understanding.

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