The Good...

Marty Bucket

Played by Martijn Bouquet

Name: Marty T Bucket
Alignment: Employee of Star Alliance Transgalactical Enterprises
Titles: Star Alliance Captain;
Race: Earth Human

This long suffering Star Alliance Officer has long been the victim of the cruel humor of fate.
Born on an Earth, the product of an unhappy relationship between a prominent American Senator and a penniless gypsy woman, he experienced his first taste of disappointment at an early age when he was abandoned at the doorstep of a genial and wealthy man. The man, however, had no taste for children and had him sent to a workhouse where he worked his fingers to the bone for the rest of his childhood.
He was ‘rescued’ when he was adopted by a befuddled old lady who, unfortunately, was under the misconception that she was at a pet store. He experienced further humiliation and degradation until his late teens, when she finally committed suicide. To his horror, she left him naught but his favorite chew-bone. Without income, he was forced to perform and take part in many a lurid activity in order to continue paying for his university fees. These activities will not be established in further detail.

When the opportunity arose, he rushed to sign up with star alliance and so escape Earth and all its miseries. However, not all his problems ended there. Though a hard worker and most ambitious of his peers, he refused promotion twice for fear that his sorted past would be discovered. And then was passed over a further five times once it was. His chances for advancement in his career were further scuppered once the top brass noticed his penchant for loosing starships. Bucket has, to date, successfully lost and an impressive eleven ships. A department record.
The first was lost at the very get-go of his career when he drove straight into a small star during his driving exam. Though this was kindly looked over, he lost his second shortly after when demonstrating to a peer how he lost the first. His third was hijacked by a crew of overzealous bible salesmen, the fourth and fifth through theft (he now remembers not to leave the keys in the ignition), the sixth through a disastrous combination of solar flares and Peublo Chan’s Venusian Burritos, the seventh when a ship flew out of a time wrap and collided with him, the eighth on a bet over a kid and pod-racers, the ninth when he accidentally flew into a time wrap and collided with a ship that looked very familiar, the tenth when he went to the Jupiter planetwide MegaMegaMall and forgot where he parked, and more recently, the eleventh time when it literally couldn’t take it any more.
It was at this point that his superiors flatly refused to issue him a new ship and insisted that he pay for transport out of his own pocket. Which led to his acquisition of the Rent-A-Prize
Now, with this latest ship having met with its predestined fate, he has found himself a prisoner of some ape like creatures on a familiar looking desert planet.
....Yet despite this chain of unhappy events he calls life, he endeavors to persevere .

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