The Good...

Natway Ketchup

Played by Natasha Kashyap

Name: Natway Ketchup
Alignment: Employee of Star Alliance Transgalactical Enterprises
Titles: Star Alliance Science Officer;
Race: Human

Even as a child, Ketchup had always wanted to be a dentist. She spent much of her kindergarten years in assorted playgrounds drilling incisors and filling molars, and many a child did cry out in fear at the very mention of her name. She had the makings of a great dentist.
However it all went disasterously wrong when, through a mix up in the mail, her application to Thurgood's Dentistry college at Thebulon Beta accidentally ended up at the local Star Alliance recruiting depot. Her life has never been the same since.
As ship Science officer and medic, she is the resident technical genius but really doesn't have much of an inkling of how anything non-tooth related really works, but gets away with purely because everyone else onboard knows even less.

Now, Having escaped the destruction of the Rent-A-Prize together, she and Counselor Retina put their teeth into the task of reuniting their lost crew But the task may prove a bit of a mouthful.

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