The Good...

Paulie-Wan Mehearty

Played by Pauline Aarten

Name: Paulie-Wan Mehearty
Alignment: Resistance
Titles: Power Rearranger
Race: Human

This world-renowned Space Pirate and Power Rearranger, Paulie-Wan Mehearty, built a galaxy wide reputation being a roguish freelancer of unsurpassed skill and uncontested charm and allure, and a general do-gooder, establishing herself as the grand protector of the Oregano Sector and otherwise a glorious thorn in the Evil Empire’s side.
However, upon learning of a Divine Prophecy outlining the return of a certain “Chosen One”, she took it to be her destiny to be the one to seek The One out.

For the next few years she slipped away into the underground, taking the guise Of Gandlypuff the Orange, a bearded croaky old man. The cross dressing an act of necessity rather then pleasure, as her need for anonymity and the ability to blend in became more necessary to her quest.
Her search had taken her to Tatooishie, when fate, as she would have it believed, led her to meet with Boovock. After identifying Boovock as the chosen one, she revealed herself to him and took him under her wing - teaching him the way of the Power Rearrangers.

However, her mentorship was short-lived when, while on a rescue mission, the duration of her stay with the party was abruptly cut short by the hands of Barf Siemens.

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