The Good...

Mr. Pingoo

Played by himself

Name: Mr. Pingoo
Alignment: Ham Luca
Titles: None
Race: Hallucination?

Ham Luca’s faithful sidekick and co-pilot, Mr. Pingoo is exactly what he appears to be: 
A giant blue hyperactive penguin
Silently he stands forever by Luca through thick and thin and together the two make an inseparable team. 
One thing of interest though, is the fact that only Ham Luca can see Mr. Pingoo in the first place. However, he continues, despite everyone else’s blatant unawareness of his presence, unperturbed. But this, many argue could plainly be just because he is nothing more than just another of Luca’s gargantuan hallucinations - Luca’s cuddly giant blue imaginary friend.

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