The Bad...

The Pond Puppies

Played by Played by Jan Broucek, Leo Mantuano Grandioso, and Enrique De la Garza Alcibia

Names: (Left to right)
Mr. Slightly Darker Shade of Blue, Mr. Navy Blue, and Mr. Blue
Alignment: The Phutts
Titles: The Pond Puppies
Race: Human

Slick. Cool. Well-dressed. Incompetent.

Mr. Blue, Mr. Navy Blue and Mr. Slightly Darker Shade Of Blue are the guns-for-hire known as The Pond Puppies.

Their Current job? Ham Luca. Dead or alive.

In this line of work you not only need to be good, you need to be the best if you want to survive, let alone get the job done. Keeping that in mind, it is a living miracle that these three morons are still alive. Housing a penchant for getting things wrong, a lack of any particular skills, and a complete inability to co-operate with each other on even the simplest level, this trio would bungle changing a light bulb.

After failing at several attempts to off Luca they made their ultimate bungle when they flew their ship into the exhaust pipe of the Flying Fortress causing it, and themselves, to explode violently. They are now missing and presumed dead.

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