The Good...

Counselor Retina

Played by Iris Simancas

Name: Retina
Alignment: Employee of Star Alliance Transgalactical Enterprises
Titles: Star Alliance Counselor
Race: Human / Konquasitardian

Although of mixed human and konquistadorian heritage, Counselor Retina was actually a genetic test tube baby synthesized for the top brass at Star Alliance as a prototype of a new wave of super soldiers who would eventually replace everyone in the employment of the alliance.
However they had not desired these to be girls. So she was discreetly hidden away among the ranks, oblivious of the original purposes of her birth. Despite this, Retina remains an exceptional crew member, more than compensating for the general lack of cognitive ability of the rest of her crewmates. As a matter of fact, she boasts to have some control of The Source and a heightened sense of awareness.

Having escaped the destruction of the Rent-A-Prize together, she and Natway Ketchup have taken the initiative to locate and reunite the rest of missing crew. It only remains to be found out whether she has the capabilities to succeed.

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