The Bad...

Admiral Rigutkin

Played by Paolo Rigutto

Name: Polo Rigutkin
Alignment: Evil Empire
Titles: Grand Admiral
Race: Human

This dedicated soldier was Barf Siemenís main lackey. Always a high achiever, Rigutkin worked his way up from Evil Empire Kindergarten to the very apex of power - Grand Admiral of the Empire's forces.
It goes without saying that his personal attributes made him very good at his job of co-running an Evil Empire. He took his duties very seriously and conducted his various evil assignments and operations without remorse or pity. Unsympathetic toward his enemies, he strived to get his orders at hand done, regardless of their meaning or implications, eliminating whatever or whomever may have stood in his way or was superfluous to the grander scheme of things.

Unfortunately, it came to pass that he himself wasn't of particular value to the grander scheme of things either, and he perished when the Flying Fortress was destroyed by the I.P Squadron in the famous Battle of Interflatulance.

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