The Bad...

Agent Scurry

Played by Sarah Carmichael

Name: Carma Scurry
Alignment: Evil Empire
Titles: Special Agent
Race: Human

It would be wrong to judge Carma Scurry’s character based on her sour demeanor alone. She’s just stressed. If anything, the only problem with her is that she takes her work far too seriously. Being an overachiever with a sharp determination to always be the best agent in the HTM has taken its toll and left her with a temper hanging on the edge, and a fierce resolve to always have things her way and her way only.

And then there are the headaches.

The headaches weren’t always there. They started one day after Scurry was missing from work for a day, and have never left. This has left her partner Agent Willder convinced that she was abducted by “Aliens”. She denies every word of this and bringing it up just makes her angry. And when she’s angry, combined with the rest of the above, calling her a volcano would be an understatement.
...But like I said, that’s not all there is to her. Peel away that explosive exterior and you will find that, inside, she’s just a sweet little girl who just wants a hug. Willder could tell you that, if she hadn’t gotten him jailed for screwing up their mission, that is.
But never mind that, she’s having a headache again...
A severe, splitting, headache…

... Boy, does she need a drink.

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