The Bad...

Rear Admiral Too-Mash

Played by Tomasz Gora

Name: Tommy Too-Mash
Alignment: Evil Empire
Titles: Rear Admiral
Race: Human

This creepy little sod is a real enigma.

Some could say that the years of being downtrodden, overlooked, ignored, and basically being the butt of every joke in the Officer’s messhall have turned him into a walking time-bomb. Others could say that it’s the result of a bad childhood.

Either way, all can agree that there is something about Too-Mash that seems oddly out of place, making him thus a rather awkward person to be around. Which perfectly explains why he was hidden away to work within the empires more furtive secret institutions – somewhere where he was comfortably out of sight of those in charge. However, it never crossed their minds that making him the head of the Evil Empire’s secret police, the HTM (Horrible Truth Ministry), was delegating him a bit too much power.
It remains that although he is seen to be meekly adhering to his superiors' every whim, some are beginning to suspect that he may have a hidden agenda of his own...

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