The Good...

Agent Willder

Played by Will Fletcher

Name: Fletch Willder
Alignment: Evil Empire Defector; None
Titles: Special Agent; Prisoner 24601
Race: Human

Special Agent Fletch Willder was on a fast track in the HTM (Horrible Truth Ministry) when he took a detour by picking up a bunch of ethics. Convinced that his cranky partner, Special Agent Scurry was abducted by some unknown power when she didn’t turn up to work one day, he became obsessed with discovering the truths hidden within the Evil Empire and the comings and goings of what he refers to as “Aliens”.

So instead of pursuing what could have been a stellar career within the Ministry, it came to it that Willder chose not to shoot Boovock and Ham Luca in cold blood in the streets of Tatooishie. In response, the only person he could absolutely trust – his partner Scurry, and his Mentor – The Mysterious Cigarette Puffing Man, took not a moment’s hesitation in scapegoating him for the mission failure, earning the hapless ex-agent a spot in the Imperial Dungeon.

His fate remains to be decided, but he should be safe... just as long as he doesn’t feel feel the urge to pick up any soap.

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